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You know when someone is such a delightful writer that it should objectively flood you with torrents of bile and inextinguishable malice towards them…
I was given a galley of Fentanyl, Inc. after I wrote about overdose prevention spaces this summer, but I didn’t read it right away because, frankly, I…
Hello! Welcome to the Knibbs Review of Books. I am happy you found your way here. This newsletter went on hiatus last fall because I was spending all my…
For many years my grandparents belonged to a small circle of people who called themselves the Sunset Club. They’d park their aluminum-and-plastic…
Turns out Robert Moses was more fun to hang out with in college than one might expect!
A few weeks ago, the New York Times published a trend piece about how every dorkus cable news personality and politician keeps a copy of The Power…
Turns out Robert Moses also spent his twenties messing up.
"Meet me in Montauk"